How much money does a geologist make

For career choices, the path of a geologists is one that can be very interesting, and offer a lot of potential benefits that other jobs might not carry. Those who find the earth endlessly fascinating, have an interest and an aptitude for science and math, and like to spend time puzzling over complex issues might find a life here. Whenever people start looking into careers, the question of salary always seems to come up somewhere. Geology isn’t a field where money is the primary concern, because geologists are drawn to it for more intellectual reasons, but the good news is that the money is actually pretty good.

Generally, geologists stand to make between $35,000-55,000 a year. These jobs also include those connected to universities and colleges. It’s not a tremendous amount of money, by any means, but certainly enough to get by, and even save a bit. Over time, this can increase, but that’s the general range for those who work in the field. There are some who specialize more, and do work for companies whose goals are more lucrative, such as the oil industry, and then the salary rises substantially.

The work of a geologist is more attractive than the salary. There is a bit of variety, and there is also a great deal of freedom in the workplace. Geologists can spend their time doing a number of tasks, from cataloguing specimens, working in the field (which is not a big part of the work year for most in the profession), to research, and writing about the findings. This means that for any aspiring geologist, it’s a good idea to take as many courses in general science, math, as well as writing, to start preparing for this future. Of course, take any geology courses you can, and spend a lot of time researching, because if the fascination continues to hold, and gets deeper, then you’re probably onto something!

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