How Much Money Does a Phlebotomist Make?

Phlebotomy is an increasingly popular career choice and many people who are considering this direction wonder how much they can expect to make in that position. Of course it depends on where you are working, whether it is a hospital or clinic and the state in which you live. There is a spectrum of starting hourly wages for this position, though the median salary in the US is just over $26,000 a year. The actual salary you can expect to earn depends a great deal on the state in which you live.

Starting salaries in this field have the greatest variation based on location. As a general guideline, some of the southern states such as Louisiana and Arkansas start expected earnings at the lower end of the spectrum and can anticipate somewhere around $8 an hour. Meanwhile the states that tend to pay the highest include Arizona, California, Oregon, Colorado and others. An expected salary in these states can be around $14 per hour. Major urban centers also tend to pay better than rural locations. And as a general rule a major hospital will pay more than a smaller clinic.

Other estimates for income expectations for people with more experience vary between $12 and $18 dollars an hour. In addition there are usually great benefits that are included with these positions and when working on call these amounts can double. As with most positions in the health care industry, there is a good deal of job security and continued career potential and expected growth associated with this position. This is an important consideration for many people making career choices in today’s job market.

The health care industry is one of the most stable and continually expanding in the country. People will need and will access health care for as long as we can predict into the future, which should cover most students’ careers, and health care positions remain one of the popular choices for many students. In addition, various careers and positions in the field require a varying degree of education and training. This is allowing many students a wide spectrum of career possibilities and the freedom to consider what they’re most interested in what they can expect to earn.

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