How Much Money does a Pediatrician Make?

Pediatricians work with the most vulnerable group of patients: children. So, how much money do pediatrician make can vary by the years of experience they have in the field by the commonly used median yearly salary guideline. A Pediatrician with 1 year or less of actual hands-on experience can earn anywhere from $73,000 to $122,000; with 1 to 5 years of experience, Pediatricians can earn $96,500 to $126,700; with 5 to 9 years of experience – $102,300 to $146,900; with 10 to 19 years – $113,000 to $153,000 and with over 20 years of experience – $120,000 to $163,000. Note the biggest jump in salary start in the 5 year range of experience.

Pediatricians can make more per year in salary than a General Practitioner because of the complexities when it comes to treating children. They must be able to communicate with both parents and children. Plus, Pediatricians need to be aware of the social and developmental issues children have to face at each stage of their growing life. And, besides being a physician, the pediatrician will act as a child’s advocate through all aspects of the child’s life up until they are an adult.

Depending on what state they practice in, a Pediatrician can make more or make less than the median pay scale. California has the highest per-capita, but then it varies from city to city; for instance, Pediatricians are paid significantly higher in Atlanta, Georgia, which is higher than San Diego’s, but San Diego is the highest in California. Regardless of where a Pediatrician decides to work and live, their yearly salary will only increase throughout their career; the longer the experience the bigger the salary. It stands to reason, though, that the best part of being a Pediatrician is not the increase in salary, but the rewards of being a part of a child’s adventure into adulthood. Pediatricians are in a very special position to have a great positive impact on them at a very early age. Working with children is a specialty and can be very fulfilling in and of itself.

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