How Much Money Does a Nail Technician Make?

A nail technician can make up to $40.00 an hour with experience and their own clientele book. The median wage to start for a manicurist is 50 percent of the earnings, or $9.23 an hour, whichever is more, plus tips. A more experienced technician can keep over 60 percent of the earnings plus tips. It usually takes a couple of years to start making good money. The following article will outline the ways in which an efficient technician can earn over $40,000 a year.

First, think of yourself as a business. You are not just a technician in a salon. You are your own business. Your clients are yours and not the salons. Many technicians lose a lot of money by not building up their client base. It is important to get your clients name and phone number and make sure they have your card. If you see the client walk in and you are attending to someone else, let them know how long you will be and ask them to wait. This will help you retain your clients. If you find that your salon is usually fairly busy with walk in clients, make sure to have an appointment book and be realistic with your schedule. No client likes to feel that they are being rushed or always waiting to be seen.

Secondly, be efficient. A rushed job that is not done well will not keep your clients. At the same time, a good job that takes you hours to finish will leave your client leaving late and your hourly rate plummeting. Find a pace that allows you to do your best work without spending too much time. If you charge thirty five dollars for a full set of acrylics and take one hour to do the job, you just made thirty five dollars and hour plus tip. Manicures and pedicures are usually left to newer technicians, as they do not bring in as much commission. Even if it takes you an hour and a half, you will still be making twenty dollars an hour.

Thirdly, make your name known. Even if you do not own the salon, you can have a website promoting your services inside the salon. Check with the salon owner, who may have some guidelines for you, but should be happy that you are adding to their marketing free of charge.

If you follow this outline and are friendly and efficient with your customers, you are sure to have a great business with a high earning potential.

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