How Much Money Does McDonald’s Make?

In an age of globalization, we might find ourselves wondering with increased regularity exactly what the stakes are for the larger corporations who seem to be everywhere.  One of the most prominent faces of globalization, certainly, is McDonald’s.  At one time, the chain of hamburger restaurants were found in the U.S. only, but by now the golden arches have a presence everywhere.  Most of us know about the food served, from the line of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, chicken and fish sandwiches and chicken nuggets, along with salads, desserts, and even specialty coffees.  There is also a very extensive breakfast menu, making it one of the most popular stops for people on their way to work.  With all of these things offered, along with the toys and other merchandise that often accompany the release of major films, there is a lot to the corporation.  How much, then, does the corporation known as McDonald’s actually take in?  And how much do the employees earn?

There are 32,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.  The revenues are very large, as one would expect, as this is the largest retail food franchise in the world.  The earnings have been over 20 billion dollars in total revenues annually, with a gross profit in the millions.  It should be kept in mind here that of all of the locations, 80% of these are franchised.  Looking at these figures, then, we should also consider that they employ millions of workers, from servers to maintenance staff to managerial teams.  The wages for workers here are generally rather low, which is also expected.  Minimum wage is the general rule, although managers make more, and there are increases at 15-cent intervals.  It would take awhile before an employee could make a decent living, and this means there is a high turnover for employees.

In the company, there are also many other factors and interests involved.  With investments in Chipotle Grill and Donato’s Pizza, there are other revenues that will come into play, and there are certainly more investments that can be added to the list.  Interestingly, there are some who will argue that McDonald’s is not really in the business of making meals, but in real estate.  Looking at their record of substantial growth over the years, there are many good reasons to believe that this may indeed be the case.

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