how much money does a cruise ship captain make

The Captain of a cruise ship, the Staff Captain and other Deck Officers handle the movement and navigation of the ship. The average pay for the Captain of a cruise ship in around $6,000 to $12,000 per month, depending on their experience. A Staff Captain, who is second in command and oversees the day to day operations, their average salary range is from $5,000 to $7,800 per month. Captains do not typically stand watch, that duty is done by the First, Second and Third Officers.

The Captain of a cruise ship had to be a Staff Captain first and before becoming a Captain, it was required to have extensive experience with a minimum of five to eight years in a subordinate position. Plus, a diploma from an accredited maritime training school, a Captain’s license and speaking fluently in English are all required. The reason is because cruise ships are much different from other civilian vessels. The Captain of a cruise ship is ultimately in charge of a hotel, which means they are the hotel managers. But, in reality, hotel-related concerns are usually not a high priority. M

Many of the Captain’s duties are honorary, such as the Captain is often invited to the parties of important guests, or asked to host a ‘Captain’s Party’, where they will greet the guests, or dine with some passengers at the Captain’s table. This doesn’t mean a cruise ships Captain is just a figurehead; they do have to stay relaxed and calm because it is a part of the job, but they also have to be ready for anything; they are highly skilled with over a decade or more of experience on other vessels from barges, freighters and ferries, the Captain is the master of the ship, managing its crew as well as the course and speed.

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    All my life on PAX Ships –
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  2. Dear Captain Osipv, I am in interested in becoming a staff Captain of a cruiseline and driving ships, a I always wanted to know is the best advice on where I can great training from and still provide for my family at the same time?

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