How Much Money Do Arena Football Players Make?

How much money do arena football players make?  They do not make nearly as much as those playing in the NFL.  On average, an arena league player makes between forty and fifty thousand dollars per season, with the minimum for the leagues set at $31,000.  Some of the more well known players may make close to eighty thousand dollars a season, but most of the players hold down non-football jobs during the off season.  Add to that, the league has been wracked with instability and scandal over the last few years.  Last year this time, the quarterback for the New York Dragons, Aaron Garcia, had just learned that he no longer had a job, and therefore no paycheck the month before Christmas, as the league suspended the 2009 Football season stating the recession as the reason.

Just two weeks before Christmas, Garcia was not only told that he no longer had a job nor insurance coverage, but that they could not give him a solid answer as to when he may be playing again.  There was a lack of transparency and honesty on the part of the Arena Football League, as none of the players were ever given tangible reasons as to why the answer to the problem was to cancel the 23rd season.  The 2008 season, just prior to the shutdown, had shown record numbers for attendance.  This did not make sense to any of the players nor to the fans.

Garcia stated that while the owners of his team had always been fair and honest, there are many owners who were allegedly using the economy as an excuse to get out of their own personal financial situations.  The acting commission for theAFL at the time was Ed Policy, and he refused to be interviewed regarding the situation.  What has the players so frustrated, on top of the stress of their financial state, is that the owners of these teams are millionaires, in some cases billionaires.  It may take the league a while to regain the trust of its players, and the support of the fans, but many are hoping that things will settle down soon, for these games are known to be high scoring and exciting games, played by some of the best players in the country.

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