How Much Did Flappy Bird Make?

How much does Flappy Bird make?Flappy Bird was/is a mobile device game which features a bird trying to negotiate its way through a series of green pipes.  It was introduced in 2013, but became very popular during 2014.  It became the number one free games app during January of 2014.  The creator of the app – Dong Nguyen withdrew it in February 2014 citing that he believed it to be too addictive.

During the height of its popularity the creator of the app stated that it was making $50,000 per day in advertising revenue.

How Much is Lance Armstrong Worth?

Lance Armstrong the cyclist punished for doping and striped of his seven Tour De France yellow jerseys is currently worth an estimated $100 million.

Richest Personalities on TV

TV personalities are surely the most famous people today. Whether it be celebrities who act, sing, do reality shows or are comedians on television; all have reached a place where people of all ages are their fans. However, it is not just fame that they receive, their earning are quite staggering and many people cannot even imagine the wealth that these celebrities have accumulated over time. Here is a list of the richest TV personalities.

Oprah Winfrey

The former host of the most popular daytime talk shows continues to make money. Oprah Winfrey earns roughly between $260 to $350 million a year. Her cable channel, “OWN” is gaining fame by the minute and her success in such a short time is highly commendable. She is believed to be the highest paid TV personality in recent history.

Ellen Pompeo

Through her thriving show “Grey’s Anatomy” Ellen Pompeo manages to earn almost $350,000 per episode, which is a record in itself. The night-time soap opera is one of the top rated programs and has received several awards as well. She stars as Meredith Grey which is the main character of the show.

Judith Sheindlin

Judith Sheindlin or Judge Judy is one of those people who have to the talent to do all things perfectly. Although a lawyer by education she is also a famous TV personality and a very highly paid one. According to the news, Judge Sheindlin is paid $123,000 per episode, which totals up to almost $45 million per year. In the reality show that features the courtroom, she plays the part of the judge. It is estimated that the show’s ratings have never been better; in fact it has almost 10,000 viewers daily.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher, a popularly known actor, producer and model has turned around the ratings of the show “Two and a Half Men.” Although the sitcom had been popular for the past seasons, it is recorded that after Ashton’s character Walden Schmidt was introduced the show has the highest ratings ever. Ashton earns about $700,000 per episode.

David Letterman

Well-know host of “Late Show” on CBS, Letterman is one of the highest paid late night hosts of television. Earning about $28 million per year, his contract for the show has recently been extended till 2014. Although the show’s ratings has seen ups and downs but it is going at a very high position right now. Letterman also owns a production company which gives him a piece of the “Late Show” as well as a variety of other television programs.

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How Much Did Steven Spielberg Earn in 2011?

The famous director and movie mogul Steven Spielberg earned a whopping $130 million in 2011. The reasons are multiple. His company Dreamworks entered the television business including 4 new programs. He also directed 2 Oscar nominated movies – War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin.  He was the second largest celebrity earner in 2011 after Oprah Winfrey.

Steven is one of the most famous film makers in the world as well as one of the richest. He has a plethora of film credits to his name including ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

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How Much Did Oprah Winfrey Make in 2011?

Oprah Winfrey income in 2011

Oprah Winfrey was the highest paid celebrity in 2011 with an income of around $165 million. Although her award winning TV show finished after many years her other sources of income helped her to have another successful year.

She now has her own cable network the OWN channel along with shows such as Dr Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr Oz. Along with television she also controls her radio network and her magazine. This is her year number four at the top of the celebrity income list!

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How Much Money Does Drake Make?

Drake the renowned rapper made 29 million dollars in 2011.

Drake was born during 1986 in Toronto, Canada. His original name is Aubrey Drake Graham. He was originally a TV star in Canada, but began mixing tapes which led to a rapping career. He was signed by Lil Wayne’s recording company. He also rights songs for other artists and is still involved in acting. He was the 3rd highest paid rapper in 2011.

I.T. Salaries – Information Technology Salary

Jobs in I.T. are hot!!  Graduates are leaving schools and colleges with qualifications in I.T and entering the workforce.  What sort of salaries can they expect to make??  There are many different jobs in information technology.  Here are some of the popular ones.  Note that most of these related to average starting salaries.  These can vary depending what area of the country you live in.  Use the list to compare I.T. salaries.

Data Entry Clerk – $27,000

Computer Operator – $36,000

Document Control Clerk – $36,000

Help Desk Support – $39,000

Computer Technician – $41,000

Technical Librarian – $41,000

Technical Writer – $46,000

Mainframe Programmer – $48,000

Website Writer – $48,000

Field Service Engineer – $49,000

Software Support Engineer – $51,000

Applications Engineer – $52,000

Web Designer $52,000

Client Server Programmer – $54,000

Web Technical Producer – $54,000

Programmer $54,000

Network Administrator – $54,000

Systems Analyst – $54,000

Network Planning Analyst – $54,000

Telecommunications Engineer – $55,000

Operating Systems Programmer $56,000

Business Data Analyst – $56,000

Engineer $56,000

Database Analyst – $56,000

Hardware Engineer – $57,000

Network Engineer – $57,000

Software Engineer – $58,000

Web Content Editor – $59,000

Test Engineer – $59,000

Help Desk Supervisor – $60,000

Systems Engineer – $60,000

Web Photo Editor – $61,000

Technical Trainer – $61,000

Web Designer – $62,000

Data Architect – $64,000

Project Manager – $64,000

ERP Analyst – $64,000

Technical Writing Supervisor- $67,000

Webmaster – $67,000

ERP Programmer – $69,000

Security Administrator – $69,000

Financial Systems Analyst $70,000

Data Security Analyst – $72,000

IT Project Engineer – $72,000

Systems Administrator – $72,000

Web Software Developer – $73,000

ERP Administrator – $74,000

Web Administrator – $74,000

Applications Programmer – $77,000

Web Content Manager – $79,000

Web Security Administrator – $79,000

Network Security Systems Manager – $80,000

Web Applications Developer – $80,000

Java Developer – $81,000

Linux Administrator – $81,000

Business Development Supervisor – $83,000

Help Desk Manager – $85,000

Database Administrator – $87,000

UNIX Administrator – $87,000

Documentation Manager – $89,000

IR Project Coordinator – $89,000

CRM Application Administrator – $90,000

Customer Information Center Manager – $90,000

Ecommerce Customer Support Manager – $90,000

IT Contracts Manager – $90,000

Electronic Marketing Manager – $91,000

Information Services Consultant – $92,000

Website Manager – $93,000

Web Security Manager – $94,000

PC Support Manager – $94,000

SAP Project Manager – $94,000

Technical Support Manager – $95,000

Computer Operations Manager – $96,000

Application Systems Architect – $97,000

Web Merchandising Manager – $97,000

IT Quality Assurance Manager – $97,000

Network Control Center Manager – $99,000

Oracle Database Administrator – $100,000

Financial Systems Manager – $101,00

Enterprise Operations Manager $103,000

Web Art Director – $104,000

Applications Engineering Manager – $106,000

Business Intelligence Specialist – $109,000

Systems Architect – $110,000

Software Architect – $116,000

IT Account Manger $122,000

Network Operations Director – $125,000

Data Center Director – $133,000

Applications Development Director – $144,000

Telecommunications Director – $144,000

Client Services Director – $145,000

Information Technology Director – $161,000

Chief Information Security Officer – $167,000

How Much Did Apple CEO Tim Cook Make in 2011

There were rumors that Apple CEO Tim Cook made $378 million in 2011. This is simply not true. According to Apple’s latest proxy statement Tim’s salary was $900,017, his 401k increased by $14,700, and his life insurance premiums were worth $1,820 in 2011. This adds up to $916,537.

However, he did get one million restricted stock units to encourage him to stay at Apple. Half will vest in 2016, and the other half in 2021. By then these should be worth $376 million. This is a long term strategy to keep him at Apple.

With Tim’s help Apple made $108 billion in revenue during 2011 and its market value grew by $70 billion. They had $81.57 billion in cash and securities with no debt!!